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The call for application will be open from 1st October until 14th November 2024 to do an internship starting in summer 2025.

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So far, you have only known your academic subject theoretically? Would you like to know the practical side of it? Are you studying in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro or Serbia or will you graduate in 2024? Are you interested to gain practical work experience in Germany within the framework of an internship?

If you can answer these questions with ‘yes’, you are invited to apply for our Internship Programme of German Business – the call for application is open from 1st October until 14th November 2024!

Your time in Germany will have a huge positive impact on your professional and personal development which will increase your employability upon your return back home. You will be able to get a decent job related to your education much faster and easier. This way, your new experience and contacts will also strengthen the economic development in your home countries and promote bilateral economic relations both with Germany and within the region. This exchange and the associated alumni network make the Programme an important contribution to regional reconciliation, intensifies economic relations and creates a cross-border network of cosmopolitan young professionals in the region.

The Internship Programme of German Business provides an insight into German corporate culture. You will gain practical work experience in modern management and work organisation, work in a multicultural environment and expand your professional as well as your personal network.

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Our upcoming events

Introductory week for generation 2024

23rd June–1st July 2024
During the introductory week, our scholarship holders get ready to start their internships in leading companies in Germany. They get prepared for working and living in Germany and a new culture. Additionally, they also have the outstanding opportunity to meet their whole generation, make new friends, break down stereotypes and borders. With scholarship holders coming from all the Countries of the Western Balkan and Croatia, the Internship Programme of German Business truly builds bridges.

Mid-term meeting generation 2024

29th August – 1st September 2024
The mid-term meeting provides a platform for scholarship holders to share their experiences, challenges, and successes during the first couple of weeks into their internships, but also offers support, if needed. It strengthens the generation such as, providing the opportunity to meet all scholarship holders of the generation once again. It is an opportunity to evaluate expectations and a time for reflection about the past two month, but also planning the next steps during the internships and the time in Germany.

Alumni conference in Croatia

12th – 15th September 2024
The regional alumni network provides former participants of the Internship Programme of German Business with incomparable opportunities for networking and further education. During our regional alumni conference alumni from all the participating countries deepen their knowledge in one of the offered workshops and network during teambuilding activities. Thus, the regional alumni network plays a crucial role in promoting life-long learning, peacebuilding and reconciliation in the region.

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