Internship story: Brotherhood on the rise

Internship story: Brotherhood on the rise

Internship story: Brotherhood on the rise

Internship story: Brotherhood on the rise

“What am I going to do the next summer?” was the question crossing my mind mid October 2016. As in the last year of studies many possibilities were attracting my attention. One of them seemed to me like the perfect fit between the lectures at the university and working in industry. The application process for the Programme was quite straightforward. After two selection rounds, I have been accepted for a 3 months long internship at IHP – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics in Frankfurt (Oder).

The dream team

I have been informed that it is not going to be only me doing internship at IHP, but also two other students: Dejan Petkovic and Dejan Grubisic. I suddenly became curious to meet people from the surrounding countries studying and working in the same field as me. The end of June and the time to begin the internship came.

During the introductory week in Berlin the participants from our generation were sharing feelings of euphoria and uncertainty. We were getting to know each other through informative workshops and teambuilding activities.

Our small IHP group met in person, ready to embrace the challenge. The expectations were big but achievable. We already started discussing how we can bind our knowledge to face the present tech challenges. One thing was sure: our brotherhood was on the rise.

Although we all applied for a place in a student dorm independently, it turned out that we are going to be roommates in a shared apartment.

The adventures on the border and around Germany

IHP has warmly welcomed the three of us and put us all on a different projects. The progress curve of each of us was growing up the whole time spent there, exchanging ideas and mentored by great professionals. They took us straight to the heart of the microprocessor manufacturing industry and the designs that are shaping our future.  Surrounded by scientists from 22 different countries, from Latin America to East Asia, it was not hard to closely meet their culture and tradition, learn about their history and taste some of their food.

Living in Frankfurt (Oder), it is just to cross the bridge over Oder and already be in Poland in the town of Slubice. The town is a peaceful place with typical architecture.  It also hosts a couple of summer festivals.  The friendly locals have also included us in some activities and sports.

Our main activity for the weekends was: taking the sleeping bag under the arm and jumping on the train Friday after work. We have travelled around different cities all over Germany, including the other Frankfurt (am Main), Hamburg, Cologne and Munich where we were mostly hosted by other interns from our generation.

Post internship life

After coming back home, we continue to exchange our experiences, visit each other when possible and keep the friendship on a high level.

Alumni Club

An important moment for us the after finishing the experience in Germany is becoming part of the Alumni club. Coming back from my first alumni seminar held in Bijela – Montenegro, what I am convinced is that the group of around 100 participants from the past 15 generations has spread enormous amount of positive energy around the Bay of Kotor the past weekend. It simply makes me impatient for the next such gathering.

Vasko Gjegovski, Generation 2017

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