A letter from Munich

A letter from Munich

A letter from Munich

A letter from Munich

When I saw that applications for this Internship Programme are opened, I remembered that in the first year of my studies, professors often reminded us that “The only constant is the change”. There was no more dilemma, I started preparing my application. It has been almost a year since then, and I am now based in Munich as an intern at the world’s leading industrial gas company „Linde Gas“.


Applying in November, passing the first round, an invitation for an interview, going through it, going through the shortlisted candidates, then interviewing via Skype with the company, and finally, on April 1st, an email letting me know that I got a 6-month internship.

The great thing about this Programme is that at no point you won´t be alone, you have the full support from the amazing people in the Programme, starting from preparation for interviews with companies, tips for finding accommodation, preparatory week in Berlin with other scholarship holders, during the duration of the internship, but also later as part of a network of over 800 alumni of the Programme.

I can definitely say that in the past few months represent the best period of my life. Every day is different, special and carries the opportunity to learn something new. I am an intern in the Communications sector, where I have the opportunity to learn a lot, especially in the field of digital marketing, but also the flexibility and freedom to come up with new ideas and participate in projects in other sectors. Of course, I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during the previous 4 years of my studies.

I am very lucky because I have a great mentor. She is always there for me, she gives me great pieces of advice about work, but also about traveling and adventures 😊 Colleagues from the company are great as well. During Oktoberfest, we had a day where we all together from the company went to the Wiesn and most of us were dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes. That was really special, I felt the Bavarian culture and costumes, like a Bavarian girl.

The amazing part is the chance to travel through Germany as well as the surrounding countries, along with other interns. We explore together, we discover, we enjoy!

Going into the unknown, learning about the culture and customs of the new surroundings carry special charm.

With this I want to encourage all students, who are at least in the fifth semester of study to apply, maybe next year you will be awarded for an internship in one of the German companies.

Exiting the comfort zone or finding a new one? It is entirely up to you, how you approach new challenges and how to embrace change.

For one thing, be sure, the experience abroad, will change you, definitely change you! It will push your limits, open new perspectives, make you a more independent, responsible and mature person, as well as learn many new things. Remember, if you want it enough, anything is possible.

Best regards from sunny Munich,

Aleksandra Komatina

Generation 2019


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