“When in doubt, choose change.”

“When in doubt, choose change.”

“When in doubt, choose change.”

“When in doubt, choose change.”

Beginning of October. Another sunny day in Stuttgart. My favourite place Feuersee and me, just have stepped into the second half of my six-month internship in Robert Bosch GmbH in Renningen. Starting to be a bit emotional – I don’t want it to end!

Exactly. From the moment the plane to Germany took off, I knew it – this was going to be my lifetime experience. My only intention was to grab every single chance and use every possible minute to the maximum. So there I was, already prepared with a list of all the places I would like to visit, festivals I would like to experience and a ticket for Hans Zimmer’s concert in my pocket!


The beginning of the story in a few words?

Introductory week in Berlin, 75 students from all over Western Balkans and our lovely organizers – Antje, Sascha, Hana and Jirco. Laugh, enthusiasm and positive vibe. Support and warm hugs. New family.


Being a part of #LikeABosch community

I will never forget my excitement when I entered a Bosch campus for the first time, the moment when I saw the main futuristic building, its beautiful terraces, surrounding forest and lakes.

Moreover, meeting my extremely friendly supervisor and the team made my day, as well as a very intriguing introduction to the project that I was about to start working on. Eventually, I became aware that I got the opportunity to work in one Research and Development center.

From that day on, I have been strongly motivated to fulfill my tasks and learn as much as possible. Besides that, I would say that the workplace environment gave me a totally different perspective of work – somehow I don’t feel it like an obligation, I just feel like I’m going to spend another day in the comfortable surroundings, expanding my knowledge, step by step.

Is there a trick to make the days last longer?

You are probably wondering what a typical week of one intern looks like. In my case, each day has been interesting in its own way – either because of the internship itself, an awesome person I’ve met or a salsa party I’ve been to!

Almost every Thursday I hang out with other Bosch interns at regularly organized meetings called „Stammtisch“. Thursday night is usually reserved for quick packing of my backpack so that on Friday afternoon I can leave on another trip, another big adventure!

All in all, I can gladly say that apart from people from the Programme who became my new family here, I’ve also made many close friendships with students from Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Germany. I’ve traveled almost every weekend so far, visited different cities and villages around Germany, Netherlands, France, went on a road trip to Austria and Italy. I experienced so much and want even more!


Once I thought it was a cliché

If you ever thought that „expanding the horizons“, „enrichment of one’s personality“ and „escaping from a comfort zone“ while living abroad are just standard phrases, then you’re mistaken. The feeling when you’re out of your comfort zone can be a bit unpleasant. Nevertheless, the feeling when you suddenly realize that you have created a new comfort zone is nothing but priceless.

I believe that there are many chances for young minds to gain international experience, and the point is to take advantage of them.

This chance was mine.

Are you the next one?

Maja Rolevski

Generation 2019

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