A completion of another chapter or just opening a new one?

A completion of another chapter or just opening a new one?

A completion of another chapter or just opening a new one?

A completion of another chapter or just opening a new one?

July 3rd, 2017 – Just a usual Monday morning for many of my friends and peers back in Macedonia, but not for me. I was walking towards the unknown, the unfamiliar and yet to be discovered – the very first experience within a German enterprise that was about to change many aspects of my personal and professional life.

GFT Technologies in Stuttgart, Germany, welcomed me at its premises where I was introduced to the way the company works, its corporate culture and the people involved in creating it. I was given my assignments and was ready to start writing the covers of a book, I was not even aware it will have that many chapters!

Chapter 1: Working at GFT Technologies

Challenge accepted! So many stereotypes were running through my head before the actual start of the Internship: Will they accept me as their colleague? Will they be helping me with the assignments? Will they communicate with me at all? Stereotypes were soon afterwards buried deeply under my own ground! I was working with people always willing to support me and encourage my work. I was sharing ideas and knowledge and coming up with solutions within a team! My mentor and peers made sure I was always feeling comfortable to ask when I was unsure and give feedback whenever necessary. My overall working experience at GFT Technologies was exceptional, and I could not be more satisfied for completely embracing it!

Chapter 2: Work-Life balance

Aside from my regular working activities, I wanted to make sure I would spend my time in Germany devoted to as many activities as possible. I was eager to grow not only professionally, but spiritually as well. I started doing sports and fitness, attending German language course, visited various open-air festivals and shows, whilst travelling around Germany and countries around. At the end of the day, the overall experience is what counts, so I was assuring myself there is not any single thing I would be one day regretting for not having done!

Chapter 3: The city of Stuttgart

I got to the point where I started being mad when someone talks negatively about this city. Honestly, this had never happened with any other city I have lived in, rarely even my birth one. Stuttgart has that one thing many other cities aren’t blessed with – a soul! It is not its architecture that captivates you, but rather its charm represented through the people, the nature and green areas, the content and its many events, nightlife and overall positive vibe that makes you feel like you lived there since forever! Mercedes, Porsche, wine or beer, there is always something to satisfy everyone’s taste!

Chapter X: The continuance

After having experienced everything listed above, I am proud to be nowadays implementing all the best practices into the job I am enrolled in. Life is a continuous growth and one shall always be prepare to embrace the given opportunities. Success is not a point to reach, but an ongoing investment into one’s future personality and career. I chose the Internship Programme for German Business to be my everlasting open chapter that has proven me how valuable it is to be a part of a story that doesn’t have an end, but rather a content that never stops developing!

Andrej, Generation 2017

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